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New feature: "Having issues with your order? Resolve now"

I see there is a new button to click on the top of orders that says “Having issues with your order? Resolve now” and clicking on it brings up the page “We’re sorry, something went wrong”. This seems to be a way to contact support if there is a bug of some kind on an order page.

I’m tired and after I come here, all I see is spam.

I don’t see anything… just the resolution center and activity tabs. Perhaps they’re just rolling it out?

It’s on the upper right corner of all my order pages.

Is it just a fancier cancellation/resolution process?

No. I don’t really know what it is. As I said, the sign appears saying “We’re sorry. Something went wrong”.

I don’t want to play with it in case I cancel an order by accident haha When I first click on it, a fancy looking resolution page came up, but I didn’t click past that…

I tried to cancel one order but it says that cancelling an order means Low Visibility - Low Ranking and what not … Why does Fiverr makes things complicated :frowning:

Customer support informed me that there have been no changes and mutual cancellations will not affect anything.

My opinion is that a few are ok if they are necessary but it’s best to avoid having a lot.