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New feature: Leave a note on an order

I see we now have the useful feature of leaving a note on each order. There is a little NOTE icon in the upper right hand corner of each order. It’s very useful. Excellent!

Great. I was hopping someone might posted about it in forum. Just headed to forum and saw your post. And yeah, I believe your spell worked :slight_smile:

Hi, nice to see you here!

Yep, I also just saw it and went here to check did anyone posted.

Great feature !

If we leave a note, the note icon appears on the sales page near the order if was left for.

Yay, yay, yay! I like this addition very much.

Surely someone must have a furious complaint about it? I like it too, although I did accidentally click on one of the tabs and it added an automessage to whatever I was writing which vexed me somewhat. #pitchforksout

The new “quick response” feature is also nice, but I am not able to change the order of these tags… Using Chrome…

The tabs will take some getting used to. I would love to put them in order somehow.

im a big fan of the quick response feature, the leave a note I’m yet sure how I can use it as I have always been leaving messages even on the delivery tab

How does leaving a note differ from writing a message? Thanks! Newbie, here :blush:

Do you mean the quick response tabs? I was able to order mine in Firefox with drag & drop.

The note is an internal note only seen by yourself, not a message to your buyer.

This is great, Fiverr is expanding and really working hard!!!

Yes really great

yes that’s a great an very useful features :slight_smile: Thanks

i love that new feature and the quick responsa automessages too. btw, did anyone see the add to profile feature that shows up when delivering an order? I just saw it earlier today when i delivered an order and i don’t remember seeing it there before.

No, never seen it as seller. Now I’m intrigued to see it too. Maybe it’s topic-related or was implemented right after my last delivery.

Did it just send the message or could you edit it before sending? I’m working with Safari on Mac and it happened to me as well… these accidents. But it didn’t send, so I could just CMD-Z (CTRL-Z for Windows/Linux) to rewind and only leave my original answer.

Heroooo! Loved the new feature.
Is there a topic that says "Advice fiverr new features"
I have few ideas i want to share it.