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New Feature: Now You Can Send Custom Offers in Buyer Requests

The buyer request feature has been updated, allowing you to answer a request with a Custom Offer.

Now when you click on the “send offer” button, the pop up will include the option to send a custom offer and relate it to your Gig.

We’d love to hear your feedback.

Great!! We’re not stuck in the old thing anymore. Thank you Fiverr. :slight_smile:

I think is great, and it’d be even better if we hadn’t to dive among sellers offering their services in the wrong place to find the real buyer requests.

Wow, I think this will be a great feature.

yes, i was see already when i am checking “buyer request”. Its really a very cool feature, seller will be earn more with this feature definitely :slight_smile: Always Great Fiverr :slight_smile:

A welcomed development as sellers will earn more and that also means less stress for buyers. thumbs up Fiverr Team!

I think this will be a great opportunity but probably not until Buyer Requests is fixed. Right now so many sellers ate being approved to post self-promotion in that section it takes too long to go through them. Thanks!

This is the best update ever, it makes it so convinient

Any chance buyers could add more information to their requests to make it easier to custom quote (so you know exactly what they actually need)

Reply to @sue_mcl: That is the same challenge I’ve seen. Very often not enough detail to provide a price.

I actually like the old response where you didn’t quote prices. Maybe it works for other types of gigs than I do, but for me it really isn’t very effective to quote prices based on the 1 or 2 sentences buyers use for requests.

What about just sending notifications to buyers rather then sending text? Because I had more luck with notifications? And how do I send a message in buyers request, requesting a job without unapproval?

great feature I am new at selling on fiverr. But have used it as a buyer. I am trying to find my way around. kind of lost lol. How do I post Buyer Requests?

great future i like it most … :slight_smile:

i;am no order my gig and i do not send buyer request why please help me

Wonderful feature you have given all of us. Much thanks

I also think this is a great feature. I actually scored a job because I sent a custom offer when everyone else just linked back to their gig!

very helpful for new one.

This is great

Reply to @sue_mcl: By the way Sue, grats on your Rising Star notice! That’s awesome and well-deserved.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Thanks so much, got a huge shock when I saw it :slight_smile: I am pretty stoked I must say! :slight_smile: