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New feature on fiverr "Promoted gig "

Hi can any senior person guide me, about the new feature on fiverr “Promoted gig”.Is it fruitful for us ? How many $ i need to spend on it ? Kindly better guide me Thanks in advance


The only way you can answer this question is by giving it a try (if you qualify for the feature), and seeing if it results in increased metrics.

The cost to out-compete all other bids will be clearly listed when you choose to pursue an ad.

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Check this out: Paid promotion feature


You can learn more about it visit the following link:

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What is with this trend of sellers asking for “seniors” to answer straightforward questions whose answers you could find if you actually looked?

You don’t need a “senior.” You literally just need to search your question and you’ll find the answer. Fortunately even amateurs can do that.


Thanks for your response ,but now my promoted option is pending on my gig .Do not know what happen.?

Thank you so much !!

exactly, you are right. :+1: