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New feature on verification (fiverr id verification)

Hello Community,

Nowadays there is a Fiverr ID verification requirement, Maybe you have been requested to verify your ID. Personally, I haven’t been requested to do so but for my friend, yes! You are given a 14 days countdown to verify your ID to continue as a seller or a buyer on platform. You can either use your National ID, Driving Licence or Passport depending on the country you come from. For this process, you are required to scan/QR code. You are requested to scan the front of your ID and scan your face using your phone and send it for verification. It seems this process is being done selectively as I have not received this request yet. My question is, Why is this process being done selectively? And, how do you take this move by



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Very sad for me to hear.

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I recently had to do the Fiverr ID verification myself. By the way, what do you mean by “selectively?” I don’t think they’re doing it selectively.

“Routinely ask that sellers verify their identity” sounds like they are planning on doing it in several small groups (of sellers) at a time instead of asking everyone to do it all at once.

So, I think these “small groups of sellers” consist of randomly selected users from different parts of the world. :thinking:

I am unable to make out any pattern in the way these sellers are selected. There is no observable geographical pattern. Just when I was asked to verify my ID, there were a couple of forum posts (about ID verification) from sellers originating from Germany, Kenya, the USA, and Venezuela. There was also no observable correlation to the seller’s account level on Fiverr. Of course, since my observations are purely based on the forum posts that I’ve come across, my explanations could be far from the truth/reality.

To be honest, I would be surprised if someone on the forum knew exactly how Fiverr is selecting users to undergo the ID verification process.


You shouldn’t be. :slight_smile:

The OP shouldn’t have created multiple posts on the same topic.

@malabot, please do not create multiple posts on the exact same topic. One post should suffice. :slight_smile:


Looks like I replied on a duplicate thread:


Hi All,

Got an ID verification issue here. Fiverr say they have texted me a link to use. Got none actually. All submitted info is genuine though. How do I sort this out? Thanx.

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If the above posts are not helpful to you then you need to contact Customer Support:

I didn’t do the ID verification within the 14 days and now my account is now locked.
I need to contact a client and send an offer for a gig starting the day after tomorrow but I cannot !
What can I do to do the ID verification now ?
There is no option to do it neither in the app nor on the website.
I contacted the help desk but got no reply.
I need to sort it out very quickly otherwise I will lose the job.

Thank you for your help.


Hye what will happen if we dont verify our account ? I am having problem in verification . Fiver has only one option showing to verify by passport verification which i dont have. I have only nationality citizenship card but there is no option for nationality id .

Fiverr will close your account automatically if you don’t provide ID verification. I suggest you speak with customer support if you are having problems with it.

I have messaged to customer support but they haven’t replied yet :frowning_face:

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I recently got the notification to verify my Fiverr account. So I decided to use my passport.

Anytime I snap the passport ID, it doesn’t go. It just remains the same.

I’ve tried PNG and JPG, yet it still doesn’t go.

It doesn’t reject it, and it doesn’t accept it. It just remains the same as if I didn’t snap any pic.

I even changed phones from my iPhone and tried using my android, and it still didn’t work.

I have emailed support, but they have only replied that they got my email, and they haven’t given me a solution nor stated why I’m having this issue.

Can anyone help?

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Hello Everyone,

So, I got this notification too, and faced another issue, my ids were not even getting uploaded from the phone, with a couple of days of back and forth with support team, trying different things to upload it so that i am able to verify in time, I was frustrated. I tried many things, image size, scanned pics and id upload but it won’t accept it.

But finally today, I logged in on iPhone, uploaded my id, it uploaded in first attempt and then I uploaded my selfie that too just took a second.

My id verification finished in seconds after that. My previous phone was oneplus 8.

Hope it helps someone.

Thank you and best wishes!

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What document did you used sir?

Aadhar or pan card

I solved my verification issue by keeping the photo orientation consistent. I took a pic of my ID in landscape and then took my selfie is landscape :+1: All done on an Android phone.

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