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New Feature: Quick Response

I just noticed this morning that Fiverr has added a new feature called “Quick Response”. This feature allows you to make pre defined messages to send to your buyers. I think this feature is great because I get a lot of people asking the same questions and you don’t want to have to retype every single message. This will also help with response time! What do you guys think?

@sincere18 its when someone messages you in your inbox.

that is actaully a long overdue feature and will increase effectiveness a lot ! wonderfull !

That is really amazing feature to response faster… great thinking by fiverr tech… LOVED it

Is this for after a buyer purchases a gig, or is this for just when a buyer sends a note to ask questions before buying?

Hi Everyone,
Can you share “Quick Response” message fo the New Buyers.


yes you can, you can even use it when you deliver work.