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New Feature Release Update

Great! Thank you man.

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Thanks for the update


Thanks for this feature

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We are energetic for new feature😘


I think they should add Agency profile features. What do you think guyz?


Thanks for update and your advice.


Thanks for update :heart::heart:

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Waiting for new update, Thank you. :heart: :heart:

Thanks for taking your problem as positively and keep continue

Thank you so much for your update.

Thank you for the update. Hope we can get much better user experience on chat system on this update. Exciting to see those new features.

Thank you for the update…

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Thanks for the update but is the issue where page 1 senior sellers gigs getting relegated to the last page. Not one gig but all gigs with performance being 100%?

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Thanks a lots share good topic

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Thanks for update. I think it will be helpful for all of us. :grinning: :grinning:

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Good to hear that. Thank you for update :slight_smile:

thanks for giving updates

Thanks for share :heart:.looking forward to seeing new look.


thanks for your update

Thanks for the updates. :heart: