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New Feature Requested - Extra Compatibility Check Box!

If you think this is a good idea please vote and comment “Come On Fiverr Team :)” This will help keep the post visible and help make this a permanent feature :slight_smile:

Some of my extra add-on services are included in the premium package but Fiverr does not have an option to stop these add-ons being added to a premium order.

This means my clients will often purchase my premium gig and then also purchase an option which is included already inside the premium gig as an extra.

I have labelled what comes in my packages in both the description and (Due to running out of space) more information is available in the FAQs but still, clients purchase the premium package and the extras which are already included.

This can lead to order cancellations and confused and upset clients. I have created the image below to show how it should work. Some of the add-ons that we create should be compatible with some packages and not with others (For example the packages which included more things)

I have already emailed this idea to Fiverr and they said it was a great idea and they would pass it on to the development team but I was hoping that if this post got enough traction and support. The suggestion might be prioritised or at least backed up by the community.

Just to be clear - My Idea is the little checkbox that sits next to each custom extra which allows the seller to decided which extras are compatible with which order packages.


  • Yes - Fantastic Idea
  • No - This won’t benefit anyone

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Come on Fiverr Team :smiley:

Definitely. Conditional responses should also be in the gig requirements, too, as not all questions apply to all package types.

Oh Yea! but did you mean conditional requirements? That sounds like a great idea.

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