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NEW feature: Tip your seller! [ARCHIVED]


Wow! Finally,

What do you think about this new feature?

Read more here:

Fiverr Customer Support


Reply to @zarklon: I actually LOLed at this, this is still true though haha.


Hurray! I think this will be pretty neat to have. No need for extra gigs!

Fiverr Customer Support


It is awesome :slight_smile:


Super excited about this! Anything to make it easier and more convenient for buyers to send us more money, right?! :slight_smile:


Great feature! More than welcome. :slight_smile:


I’m THRILLED! Having it right there when they are posting the positive review is going to be so HELPFUL!!!


Reply to @jenniferdetar: the 20%fee is a global feel

We are all suffering about this - T_T


i think that too! Specially cos it happens many time that a customer LEAVES A TIP and does never put the gig information to get it started so it stay like this, floating for ever.

Now i suppose it to be more immediately, that is what i hope, at least!


Reply to @writerlisaz: or better to give them the opportunity to evaluate more our works, as many time it would supposed to be. (honestly)


Reply to @aakarsh1997: thanks for the link! i did forget it lol


Reply to @jenniferdetar: Isn’t it absolutely outrageous!? Fiverr you are so greedy holy crap!


Way to go fiverr , good way to piss of your sellers and look greedy at the same time.

"Fiverr standard commission fees still apply"

It should say…

"Want to reward your seller? Cool give them more money and we’ll take 20% , thanks!"

Shame on you fiverr you greedy company.


Reply to @zarklon: Seriously, i can accept the 20% fee of a service,

but the TIP is a gift, for the artist not for the boss… I can’t explain.

I dont even figure out how someone can “scam” with the tip, i mean, they sad to have applied it for avoid bla bla bla… but how? A tip is something that can be give only AFTER the order is complete. so… I don’t really know.


Awesome feature I must say ! Happy news for fiverr sellers yayyyy!! =D>


Tell me how taking 20% prevents scam?


It will be interesting to see whether buyers use the tip feature. I’ve always had a tip jar, and have gotten quite a few tips from kind buyers. I’m eager to see whether the number of tips goes up.

Cos, ya know, I loves me some tips. :slight_smile:


Reply to @jerryco: It doesn’t. It is there because:

  1. Buyers who don’t know much will think Fiverr is secure and there is no scam.
  2. Sellers already know Fiverr is just making profits and we will understand anyway.
  3. Fiverr gets profit.


I’ll tell you how taking 20% of the tip prevents scams. Okay? Here is the scam. If there was no house rake on the tip, The seller says, “hey this is a $50 job, but instead of booking a $50 job, just book $25, and tip me the other $25.” So then the buyer only pays 20% commission on the $25 gig, and not a 20% commission on the $25 tip, so the seller receives $45, and fiverrs revenue gets cut in half. See? That’s how the scammers would do it.


I honestly think that 20% is fair for all that fiverr does for us. Think about it. They collect our money for us, they give us a great platform to organize our business, and so on.