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NEW feature: Tip your seller! [ARCHIVED]


Reply to @jamescott: thanks


Reply to @jamescott: ahhh!Ok, i must be a too honest idi*t because i couldnt think about something like this.

Anyway i think it is not possible, since to tip a seller the order must be completer and the review filled… So it would more easy for the buyer to take a work for less money, isnt it?

But thanks for this point of view, i didnt get it =)


Reply to @jamescott: Totally agreed. I would never have this much business (or money!) if I had to drum it up myself. I’ve tried, and fiverr makes it SO much easier to reach thousands of people a day.


Reply to @jamescott: Thanks, that actually makes sense and it makes me feel a lot better. When I first started to respond to you I was thinking that I wish Fiverr explained it that way in the new tip notice that popped up. I realized that even that would have been a problem since some sellers would take offense if Fiverr openly says that some people would game the system. To be as neutral as possible they had to stick with a generic statement. I do think some would manipulate it so the understanding really helps!


Reply to @jerryco: happy to discuss with you via email or messages if you’d like.


well alrighty then… now fiverr NEEDS to do is to work on an accept/deny button…


Reply to @zarklon: Well in fairness, they are right that some buyers/sellers would potentially exploit it, so in that view-point it’s a potential risk.


Reply to @avenue3studios: you mean from sellers?

So that sellers can reject an order if not right for the gig or for the description???

It would stop my nightmares!!!


@jamescott Thanks for pointing out the shuffling of money issue. I can understand it now.

@kashmiah It’s okay thank you.

@avenue3studios A deny feature seems great. Hope they pick up on this. @kashmiah ?


Reply to @jamescott: I’m pleased to see that someone brought this up. Also, not to mention, the previous mechanism for accepting tips works the same way :slight_smile:


Reply to @renflowergrapx: yes exactly… no matter how big as day I have it listed on my gigs "buyers must contact me 1st before ordering… some buyers just seem to overlook that…