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New Feature: Watermarks on Images Feedback

I rarely pay $5 bucks for my graphics work on Fiverr and they ALWAYS need some type of revision after my client reviews.

There is no way that I would ever send my clients with an image with a Fiverr watermark on it or for that matter any watermark and I am not alone.

This is a TERRIBLE decision that will impact your business designers.

I already PRE-PAY for the design when I order it.

I am a BUYER not a designer but not with his new feature.

Terrible costly decision for designers and fiverr.

Nice intentions, bad output if you want to be used by agencies who purchase multiple jobs weekly

What a great idea!

I always made watermark on my logo (manualy) and I think what you guys doing is so awesome, but if you can made your preview bigger and the watermark is our username that would be awesome. However, over all I am very happy that you guys are keep improving.

EXACTLY - I’ve already seen some sellers doing this themselves, and I doubt it would be so hard to implement…

I already imagine angry buyers shouting at sellers about the watermarked image and no download

i totally agree with you :slight_smile:

this is a great new feature, no doubt about it, but if fiverr could be able to put the username(url) below the fiverr watermark, i think that would be more helpful to seller…!!

I think it will help sellers protect their work from bad intended buyers that fail to respect our work. Thank you for this feature!

That’s a great job of fiverr to protect individual’s creation.

@woofy31 images can now be downloaded.

It would be great if watermarks were only removed from the last set of deliveries.

This helps prevent multiple versions, such as multiple final quality 3D render views be released as a buyer decides on final angle.

I am still adding my own watermarks so on delivery approval they don’t get all of these versions. Then I am still having to do in after approval and send them non-watermark versions in message board. (Not to mention the double watermarking on portfolio items.)

VERY IMPORTANT feature. Built-in watermarks almost useless for 3D artists.

Any others agree?

Bagaimana mengaktifkan watermark di HP android saya…???