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New Feature, What Do You Think?

A new feature, available today only, allows you to add a gig extra that will autoselect a cat video from YouTube and send it to your buyer with VO translation into Spanish or Esperanto. Soothing for your client, free to you and the buyer!


NOTE: This was an April Fool’s Day joke, just for fun on April 1. There is not really a feature like this! :slight_smile:

Did not see it yet

Wow… It’s great :slight_smile:

I especially like the part that auto-selects cats by breed. Don’t you? I suppose they could have added a feature for dog lovers too, but I read a statistic that 71% more people search for cat videos than dog videos, so you can’t buck the stats. The only question I have about the feature is, should they make it cost extra or keep it free? :wink: :wink:

Aw, you guys are no fun today (or yesterday depending on your time zone)!

Mads I only saw this post now. HAHA. We love you, Mads!

That was funny, but I was so caught up with the cricket, so did not notice :slight_smile:

I did! It’s great, I promise you.

how can i find

I didn’t see it :frowning:

Mi tre sxatas katojn esperantajn - ili estas tre internaciaj, kaj siaj amindoj vizagxoj cxiam felicxigas min :stuck_out_tongue:

Ho, kaj felicxan Aprelstultotagon al vi!