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Hi guys! I’ve just seen a local time option on the top right corner of message box and it shows local time of my client and status (like online, away, etc). I assume they will be able to see mines as well. Previously, When I awoke up in the morning, I got kinda these messages sometime “Hi, you’re response time is supposed to be 2 hrs but I’m waiting for your response from 7 hrs so I have awarded my job to someone else”.
Since the customers were not able to know that it was night here (no body seems to google about time zones). So I think it is a great step by fiverr which sort out most of conversation/response confusions.
THANKS SO MUCH FIVERR :slight_smile:
What do you guys think? let me know in comments.

Except that I live in GMT and work more closely with American time. That will definitely confuse people…

I really really love this features as local time and 's buyer online status definitely helps us :slight_smile:

I would rather see a feature where you could set working hours or days or something like that. Or, perhaps display the time zone that fits your schedule instead of an automated one. Something that wouldn’t affect you negatively like pause and Vacation Mode. I can see the benefit in the new feature, but I don’t work normal business hours in my time zone so it could actually go against me.

I see that the window where we enter our messages is now an inch wide which makes it difficult as I like to see all of the text of a message so I can edit it. It’s like this text box I’m writing in now. I have only 3 lines of text visible.


However, as an English person, I do enjoy a newfound ability to make informed small talk about the weather. “ooh, it’s not so good here, but it looks like you’re doing OK. Now, about that free customized sample…”

Can Fiverr stop adding pointless crap and/or using official accounts to promote pointless crap that never gets made and maybe just fix crap?

It’s boring. In about one month my weather forecast is going to be nothing but sun and dust for months. HOW IS THIS RELEVANT TO MY BUSINESS?

The time zone thing is true too. I’m on GMT+2. My clients are from weird places that have other time systems. They’re going to see my time and unreasonable people will go to town.

UGH FIVERR. Let us watch this relaxing video that makes fun of the NZ accent instead.

There’s a bunch more of them but the joke wears a bit thin after the first 5 minutes. Not that this is stopping me teasing my nz mates.

  1. the local time only displays when the buyer is offline - it should display even if online!

  2. is the local time truly local? because some countries have multiple timezones, yet Fiverr displays the buyer country in general

  3. the message box got smaller, but it resizes automatically on longer messages - I think it should get at least 2 more extra lines, but I do understand the design decision…

  4. any way to include buyer’s current weather conditions? just kidding, but you know what I’m trying to say with this :wink:

Last night I watched a video with a NZ narrator. First time I had heard that accent.

The buyer’s cam should turn on automatically whenever they are online.

Inadvisable. They could be surprise naked.

n a k e d

nude (n u d e)

Alright, let’s try German. nackt.

Nackt is fine. Spammers need to spam in German.

fush un chups!

oh sh1t, I just saw they’ve moved the green circle… Christ! who makes these design decisions? it’s like some of their employees must make a design decision and they always alter the good things :frowning:

I think my cam was just turned on for a second when I clicked inside the message box…

I love that video (I’m a kiwi ex pat) :slight_smile:

I actually like it. For me, I think it will be handy when you send a client a message and are waiting to hear back from them (for me - for eg if I have a question about their script I would like to know the answer to before I record it). I will then know whether I may not hear back from them for a few hours, as all I know is that they are in Australia - but not where (time difference is up to 3 hours depending on the location).

I generally got around any potential time difference issues in the past by always referring to my local time zone when discussing time - ie I’ll get this back to you in the morning (Sydney time), to avoid any confusion.

I can certainly see for sellers that don’t work business hours it could be problematic, in the same way that showing whether you have read a message is problematic. It could lead to clients having unrealistic expectations, based on the assumption you work at a particular time of the day and not being happy that you haven’t answered them during business hours for example.

The weather thing is just weird though - I agree with the comments about it - no fixing the search, but we get to find out what the weather is in various places cos that is going to somehow help us work better?!?!?

“I think it’s fantastic because I know my buyer in Arsebackoheadistan knows I’m on board!”

It’s bullshit, stop dribbling over this. I have an app on my android that I have to poke ever 24 hours to reactivate that is more functional than whatever this steaming pile of hot cow poo is meant to to.

It’s OK to say Fiverr did something shit. You give them 20% of your income. You don’t need to lick their cowpat frisbees too.

It is 01.29 here, and the weather is… black? Fiverr says sunny.

Did knowing the time add a single useful point to your day? And my weather? No?