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New features at order cancellation

Recently I complained here on Forum that someone screwed my sales by ordering a huge gig from the new made account and requesting cancellation straight away.

It really affected my gig performance and last 10 days I almost have no sales. But now when I really got an issue and need to cancel the order, I saw that Fiverr implemented a new option to explain the reason why you have to do so. Just 10 days after my post. I’m wondering maybe they read it?!

It would be very cool to prevent “punishment” of the sellers for order cancellation. Seems Fiverr is really trying to improve!

I put “punishment” in the quotation, so I don’t mean punishment as it is.

It’s an obvious fact that your sales are falling down when you have order cancellation and it’s just great that Fiverr is improving to make it more fair.

Well, thanks for the advice, but anyhow, even cancellation was mutual, my sales drastically dropped. That’s my observation and person who ordered to screw me also knew that.

I just hope that these changes will really have an effect.

Thank you for sharing opinion as experienced seller.

The reason this happens is someone wants to add a large sum of money to their account balance so that they don’t have to keep paying for gigs $5.00 at a time. Fiverr is wacking the buyer $.50 for each and every transaction. So a buyer will order a large gig and then cancel. It would be nice if Fiverr would simply offer a better way to load an account. Until they do this is the customer work around the current systems.