New feedback removal policies? what the hell fiverr


When a buyer leaves a negative feedback, the seller cannot

  1. mutually cancel the order
  2. Cant REMOVE the feedback even when the buyer agrees

I recently got a bad feedback, then i talked to the buyer and she agreed to remove it. As like it was before i contacted customer support to remove it, but apparently they cannot remove it now because of the new policies. And they claim they think about both sides, buyer and seller? Please explain me the side of the seller in this situation.

  1. Buyers have to go through a hard process to remove the feedback, who most of them are bored to do.
  2. Seller cannot do anything. ANYTHING even-though buyer wants a refund and want to renew feedback.

The only thing the support can do is give them the REFUND. and leave us sellers with the bad feedback. I dont see the fairness in this? Why is fiverr always think about the buyers?


Being new here I can’t answer most of your questions.
However Fiverr will always think about the buyers before and from a business point-of-view this is totally understandable. The sad truth is that without buyers the sellers are pretty much useless to Fiverr.
Same pattern applies to other platform of the same type (or slightly different ones).