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NEW FIVER RULE: Mutual Cancellation Now Affects Your Analytics [Mod Edited for Accuracy]


Hey fellow sellers :frowning: Fiverr Has introduced a new rule whereby even mutual cancellations now affects your ratings. I noticed a drop in my completed order rate from 99% to 84 and made a report to Customer Support.

They replied telling me it is the new rule which rates every cancellation :frowning: This is peeving, because I don’t see any need for them granting mutual cancellations if they are going to penalize sellers for it, just like they do when a buyer cancels…

Some buyers are gonna ruin ratings with it… Here’s Fiverr video link that introduced the new feature;


Here is the response to my question about if the completion rate affects our gigs placement and rankings:

Feb 9, 12:31 AM IST

The Order Completion Rate does not affect your account or gig ranking. This is just one of the updates we are making in order to give you better details about your business here on Fiverr.


Why did you open a new thread about this when we have on already?


I’m new here :frowning: don’t know how Forum works and also just encountered the said post…


How accurate is this?


I don’t know. Since I see you posted in the other thread I assume you saw the same comments we all did.


At first glance your post had me concerned, since there is a big difference between your gig ratings (percentage of positive reviews,) your gig ranking in search and your cancellation rating (singular.) At first I thought you meant that something visible would change, like mutually cancelled gigs being reviewed after cancellation or a change in something visible to buyers.

After watching the video, this actually looks like it is part of of a well-improved analytics panel that gives a seller a lot more data, more like it would if you had your own website and were using analytics plug-ins or Google tools. It seems positive to me. I don’t see anywhere in the video or the CS message that it says you are negatively affected by mutual cancellations. It looks like it affects your analytics panel and even breaks down types of cancellations for you so you can see how you are doing.

To my knowledge, if you have forced cancellations by CS or cancellations that are not mutual as the buyer doesn’t respond in time, that can affect your search ranking. That is important. Mutual cancellations still do not affect your search ranking in any way that I can see. If you find out otherwise, please update.


Are you sure? I saw this:

“We’ve noticed a drop in your performance.
Please review your stats below and act accordingly, to avoid a level demotion.
Your next evaluation: Jan 14, 2018”

Fiverr has gone from being a platform to being a boss.


you just answered a 9 month old topic. We had many changes after this :grin:


Where did you see this?

What are they talking about? What kind of a drop?


I moved the mouse next to the red exclamation point and got it.

Here’s why I’m in trouble:

CS tells me I have 60 days to change this, my review is on January 14. What if I can’t change it?


Oh how horrible! Do your best to change those stats.


It is 54 days til the 14th of January. Therefore, only orders received in the past 6 days and between now and the 15th will count in the ratings.


Buyers will now have even more leverage over us when they know about this.


I think it will be important for Sellers to report any such “leveraging” by buyers to CS.
In this way, Fiverr will see the effect (if it does happen like that) and be able to work on a solution if it becomes particularly prevalent.


I don’t like and it’s also a buggy my rate was 95% and after 1 cancellation 82%,