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New fiverr account in an old laptop where there was a fiverr account


Recently I have bought a new HP laptop. And I have a dell laptop for 4 years. I am using my fiverr account in that Dell laptop. Now I want to switch to my new HP laptop and want to use my fiverr account there. Also I want to give my old Dell laptop to my wife, she wanted to start working on fiverr in my old Dell laptop. After that I will only be using my new HP laptop for my fiverr account.

So, my confusion /question is, will there be an issue or problem with my or my wifes fiverr account as in my Dell laptop, previous there was my fiverr account and now there will be my wife’s fiverr account.?

Pls suggest. Thanks

It makes no difference to fiverr what computer you use. Use ten different ones, or use one with two fiverr accounts on the same one.

If two people in the same family have different fiverr accounts they need to both contact fiverr and tell them of the situation. Make sure you do tell them. Fiverr has the most sophisticated tracking I’ve seen.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. May I have to contact fiverr through “customer support”? And tell them all those.?
Thanks in advance…

Yes. The two accounts have to be in different categories.