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New fiverr account without my friend

Hello Guys :)) I need your help please If you know anything … I was sharing fiverr account with my friend ( It was his account by his name and paypal account and everything but we worked as a team ) and we shared in the projects & the profits also and according to this I was opening always the account from my laptop and also helped him to do some gigs etc … now we want to separate as each one has totally different way in working so I want to do my own account by my name and my paypal account ( It’ll be with similar services as we both work in the same field ) but I’ll never open his account again as we won’t work together anymore … so can I do this or this is against fiverr rules ?

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Sure I won’t copy anything actually each one of us has its own way that’s why we’re not able to continue working together … But In this case I don’t need to make sure from the cs about this ?? as I already was opening his account from my laptop just days ago and actually don’t want anything bad to happen for his account or my new one

If you are using the same IP and offering similar services that could be a problem if you are both offering similar services. My husband wanted to start a Fiverr account to so I wrote to CS about it and here is what they said.

Please do not give advice that could get another seller in trouble for breaking TOS. For the reasons I gave above the OP could get in trouble with Fiverr if they create an account and are using the same IP.