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New Fiverr App Update 😍 😍 😍

So I was taking a break from some of my orders (both on and off Fiverr) and studying (for my exams) today, and decided to go play in the Play Store. I found out some of my applications needed updating, and that I did. When I got around to the Fiverr app, and did update it, what I saw next was simply mind-blowing.

The last update for Android looked like the best thing that could have ever happened to the app, but this new one just side-tackles the previous update into oblivion. Now, I can do so much more and see more useful statistics, all from the home page.

And the design? Boy! I can’t even get started on that now. Before I use up valuable space while ranting about my love for this new one, I’d like to know if you’ve gotten the update too, and what you think of it


I just switched from iPhone to Android and I was THRILLED to see the Android Fiverr app! It must be the update you’re describing, because the app is apparently fully updated on my phone.

It is so much better than the iPhone version! I can actually use this when I’m on the go. I love that it tells you exactly when delivery is expected.

That means I can tell if I have time for one more errand or if I should get home and start working :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, it is a great update. I can do so much without needing a computer now. Wish there was Google Drive integration.

Can we iOS peasants get a screen or two?

(I know fiverr always updates major features and GUI on Android first)


@brejay I know, right? Now, i don’t have to log in to the desktop site before I see how my gigs are doing (impressions, views, clicks et al).

PS Have you checked out the new Sales page too? I think you’ll love it, especially if you know what the old one looks like.

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If it’s not against the Fiverr Forum ToS, sure. What are the things I’ll need to blur out from my dashboard while uploading the pic? I wouldn’t want to break any rules here. Lol

All in due time, I suppose. I’m just happy there’s a positive change around here. Forums have been so full of complaints these days


it’s just a screenshot, you won’t be breaking ToS just blur out your sensitive info, like amounts of $$ and such.

Anyone else inclined to share a screenshot since @speakslikechris is afraid he’ll get banned from the website if he posts one?

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Never mind. Just got the update on iOS as well.

Ha. Great. I really wanted to send the image, but can’t seem to figure out how uploads work on Fiverr forums for mobile

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