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New Fiverr Blog Post - Why I Love Paying 20% Commission


Hey folks, so Fiverr just posted the latest blog post that I wrote for them:

It’s all about my experiences with the Fiverr platform and how the optimizations and time saved makes it more than worth paying them 20% in commissions. I’d be interested in your thoughts.

Why does Fiverr taking away so much MONEE from my completed gigs?

I think this topic has been discussed a million times, nothing more to add.


I tried to bring out a few different points in the blog post, specifically, the value of what we get from paying 20% commission - i.e.:

  • Much wider marketing of our products and services than we get just being independent.
  • Optimization of payment and processes.
  • Simplification of administration (e.g. requirements gathering, contracts, FAQs etc.)
  • Productization / removing the need to negotiate rates.
  • Several other areas.

So I am trying to bring some new points into a discussion and would be interested if people see other benefits, and if they think that 20% is worth it to them.


Why should I pay 20% commission?
I was jobless 3 months ago. I felt depressed and stressed. But now I’m feeling comfortable. (Because of fiverr) But I hate their customer support.
Why shouldn’t I pay 20% commission?
They never guarantee our sales. Sellers have to work hard and smart to catch buyers!!! :sunny::sunny::sunny::sunny:


There are no sales guaranteed outside the Fiverr platform either :wink: It’s why I used to spend an hour a day chasing down new work. It’s exhausting!


This is a bit like why should I pay tax, etc. Yeah, you need to pay tax otherwise there won’t be anyone to collect your garbage in the morning, no roads, no water, no electricity, no police, no Army…etc. etc.


It’s funny, it seems to mainly be new sellers or people new to freelancing who complain about the 20%. Most experienced sellers see it as the well spent cost of doing business that it is. It sure does sound a lot initially but when you actually break it down it seems fair.

I would still like to see a tapering of the fee for higher earners although my concern with that would be that it would give Fiverr less incentive to keep showing them in search results after a certain figure was reached.
That, and a specific method for handling chargebacks are the two things that would seriously incentivize bringing all clients to the platform.


Indeed - I’m like “It’s only 20% and you’ll bring the work to me, avoid me having to negotiate or sign contracts, sort out payment, remove the credit card fee, productize my services, and automate my requirements gathering? Sign. Me. Up!”


Yeah, there are so many obvious advantages to dealing through Fiverr.
So what do you dislike about how Fiverr works?
As an experienced n00b, what do you think could be done better?


Interestingly enough I have a meeting with Fiverr in ten minutes to discuss that very topic!


Oh, well now when they ask you, you can say



I like pretty much everything about the platform as it exists - the only thing I think could be improved is the way it surfaces portfolio work for writers, and a couple of minor changes to reqs gathering and FAQs in the gig descriptions.


Hi, Paul!

Are you getting paid to write these blog posts? or are these just guest posts?
Just a curious :cat:


Regardless of paid content - Paul’s link will be showcased to Eleven million people!

Great article by the way!

I like the way how you pointed out the amount of time saved, however - is that really the case if you landed a 20k paying job outside of Fiverr, wouldn’t that pay more than Fiverr?

I’m just saying growth in terms of price negotiation is limited within Fiverr. (I hope you understand what I am trying to say)


Ask where’s the podcast they promised months ago


I am getting paid, although I am starting to guest post elsewhere about Fiverr (for free).


If I landed a $20K job outside Fiverr, you wouldn’t see me for two months! But yes I completely take your point, in those cases it’s not worth the commission. The reality is that for writers (and I suspect most freelancers) it’s multiple small jobs, rather than one or two big ones. Case in point, I have around 85 orders completed on Pro so far, and negotiating each of those individually would have been a huge time sink, so in those cases the 20% pays for itself.


I did! I spoke with Trish who is a co-host - she said they were “a little behind” and when I mentioned three months,there was laughter, and a promise it would be “soon.”


Yeah. Give Fiverr the 20% and get NO protection from chargebacks, unlike other freelancing platforms where you at least have the right to argue your case.

Other than that, it is fine. i mean, bit higher than other freelancing places, but whatever. Work is work.