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New Fiverr Blog: The Do List!


Hi all,

I am thrilled to introduce you to our brand new, Fiverr Blog: The Do List!

Details you say? Here are just a few of the highlights of The Do List at launch:
• Intuitive Interface: We, as marketers, believe that a great blog should be so easy to use that we no longer need any development resources to edit, optimize and make changes.
• Mobile Optimized and Developed for Speed: An entirely new architecture for mobile devices, with automatically adjusting pages and content to create an extraordinary user experience.
• Live Social Counter: Displaying all of the social network activity in a beautiful way!
• Style: This thing is on trend. Take a look, tell us what you love, what you want more of, and promote it in your networks as you see fit!

Check it out! We’d love to know what you think of the new style as well as what you’d like to see (content wise) on the blog.

Welcome to The Do List!



Some GOOD Stuf! :thumbsup:


When I checked earlier today, all the Fiverrcast transcripts were missing.

Is that fixed, or is it going to be fixed?

Breaking those links is not helpful in any way…


We are aware of those being missing and they are on their way back.

What Happened to The Podcast
[Request] Questions for Fiverrcast re-launch

Neater, cleaner, and more user-friendly. Good job!


Very Stable, simple and fast and clear… :thumbsup:


May be Its data missing form web for sometime.


So is created on wordpress using a premium theme. I wish Fiverr should have place the order on my account to create the website :wink: Hehehe :smiley:

Awesome work & superb clean professional website :slight_smile:


Awesome work!!! keep it up!


Perfect! Is this open for guest posts as well? :smiley:


I think that the first thing you need to do is work on the downtime. It cripples your community.

After that I agree with all of the other things.


Awesomely done with WordPress. :smiley:


Good Job! :thumbsup:


Fantastic Job…The blog has been a good source of inspiration


Submissions from “doers” are always welcome. Send over the info to


I sent a story to that e-mail a few weeks ago, which included lots of achieving and doing on Fiverr. Unfortunately, though, I never received a reply… :confused:


It looks very pretty Matt, but I see no blog of the biggest news that hit Fiverr in all of its history, AKA the “event”.

PS “the do list” made me laugh, but I’m British, and at least where I come from, to “do” someone is to you know nudge nudge wink wink say no more guvna.

According to PDP, it seems that someone in HQ was OK with the whole thing but insinuated the “higher ups” were not, which was why stuff happened. Why not leverage him and get HIM on the blog?


Or you can just feature more house buyers. I know which I’d prefer! Or I could submit my own account of events, but as I’m 99.99% that will get nowhere, I won’t bother. Also, I don’t have 50m followers, to my eternal dismay.[quote=“mjensen415, post:1, topic:101645”]
• Style: This thing is on trend

Just one final point. “on trend” is passe. You have to say “on fleek” now. Fiverr is still your sad uncle getting jiggy on the dancefloor and being a mortal embarrassment when trying to be down with the kids:



I took a while to respond to this because I am cool.