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New Fiverr Bug Inbox (Feb 2017)


Actually we got 3 messages and my team member replied them in 1 hour. But still the messages seems un-replied . He replied again but still no change. What should we do?
3 times reply doesn’t make sense . :frowning: :rage:

Mod Note: This issue appears to have been fixed and messages that were sent seem to have been sent.

Messages/Delivery not sending!
Anyone else having problems with the chat system?

there’s a global issue with fiverr messaging and proper order updating.


You’re not the only one facing this issue. Only thing we have to do is to wait until Fiverr team is fixing it.


Hello @fixwordpress1!!

I have also find this issue in my inbox. I have grab a ticket as I could’t reply my Buyer’s first message. My Response rate is also going down by that issue… The fastest thing I have done is Asked the CS to solve my Issue.

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Hello everyone,

I have a pretty big problem. Every time I try to send a message/delivery it dissapear. I have some orders that are late because I cannot send the delivery. Anyone has a fix to it? Thanks!

EDIT: I see that i’m not the only one with this problem. Hope it’s getting fixed fast.


Maybe send a help ticket. This way if CS gets several help ticked on the same topic, they will make it a priority to fix


Yeah, I will try to send a help ticket. Hope they fix this fast.


it’s a global issue. Fiverr is all over the place at the moment.

I can't review the review



Today I have been having a hard time communicating with my clients because both the messages I receive and those that I sent are not arriving in real time. Some of them don’t arrive at all.

In addition, the notifications box keeps displaying that little pink circle indicating that I have unread messages when I actually read the message. This happens with almost every message.

I’ve been having many unresponsive clients lately and I don’t know if it’s the message system to blame or they’re just not responding to my messages. Anyways, the whole thing seems odd. Is anyone else experiencing similar issues?


This is happening to me as well. I got a notification that an order has been delivered. However, when I check the order, nothing has been delivered or so I thought. After ten minutes or so, the delivered file finally showed up. Hopefully this will be fix as soon as possible.


The same thing is happening to me, too.

EDIT: I wonder if our response rate will be affected… Again.


I can confirm the same issues on my end. This seems to be a widespread issue at the moment.


I’m having a similar issue. I just sent two custom orders and when I refreshed the page, it appears that the message was not sent. I also have the pink unread message icon as well.

Just wondering if I should resend the messages.


They should show up a few minutes later. The same thing happened to me when I was notified regarding my order but I didn’t see anything so I sent my seller a message. At first I didn’t see my message. But a few minutes later, my message showed up.


Guys, if you haven’t already, install the fiverr APP and check to verify every action you have taken in the last hour or so.

Sent messages are disappearing from the DESKTOP but I checked the mobile app to see the original was sent on time.

I rather have them put up the COFFEE break sign rather than no notification of imminent trouble… SMH


Same here. My TODO list had messages for me to respond to. I reply, hit send, but when I checked the message I just typed was not there. I tired several times. I go away, come back a 30 minutes later and now the messages appeared.

I had a new message, sent, but it was not there. This time when I checked 30 minutes later, message did not appear.

Something strange is going on. I hope CC is aware of it and does something before buyers start to think we are ignoring their messages


That might lead to double messages. Imagine the buyer or the seller first receiving nothing, and then receiving two or more identical messages at once.


Seems everyone is in the same boat. I have something timed and can’t get it to my client