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New Fiverr buyer, not any more!

Not sure if this is in the right place at all but here goes.

I signed up yesterday to fiverr. I bought a ‘gig’ for £6.00. I wanted to increase traffic to my website. Then today it started… Getting hit after hit, no conversions at all. Went to my tracker and it soon became obvious that this was some sort of fake traffic system or bot or something that was used. I messaged the seller, got my money back (sort of) and couldn’t leave him any feedback because a refund was given. Now he still has good feedback and the next newbie buyer to come along will think he is a hell of a guy… To add insult to injury, Fiverr have my money and I cant get it back. Please help!


If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

You bought a gig to increase traffic - technically, what you purchased did this, as I assume there was no promise of conversion, length of visit, specific targeting etc.?

I’m sure there are gigs on Fiverr you could look at which may suit your needs better. In the meantime, if you ask customer Services, they might be able to send your refund to its source.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for your quick response. As a newbie I maybe should have come here first. What I want is real visitors interested in my products that I sell electronically online. The buyer advertised there will be real visits and not just some sort of whizz-kid piece of software. Now my website is being hit with these bots and I’m worried it may cause some sort of lower Google rank as a result.


No idea what, if any, damage it will do I’m afraid.

I’m no SEO expert, but there are others here who are who may be able to help you better.

If you can figure out what sort of person your target buyer is, you’re half way there - then the choice is what sort of marketing - FB ads, video marketing, Adwords etc. A scatter gun approach won’t work I’m afraid.

Anyway, hope you get your refund back soon! :slightly_smiling_face:


You are gaming the system but you want it to be gamed in the way you want it to be.

Even if it’s not a bot, it’s still fake traffic that won’t convert. What’s the difference?

You paid for a fake traffic system! Those don’t convert, whether it’s a bot or real people visiting your site.


I didnt know it was fake! What do you mean I’m gaming the system? Do you actually understand what I’m talking about?

Yes I do actually understand exactly what you are talking about.

Then do not buy traffic. It makes no difference if it’s a bot or real people, unless they are interested in what you are selling they won’t convert. You could buy a billion visits by real people to your site and not make one sale.

Or, you could have only a thousand visits to your site and make 100 sales.

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I thought this guy was targeting industries related to my website, hence the reason why he asked me the industry I am in. Obviously there is no easy way, other than to spend on Google Ad-words and/or social media, etc. Thanks for your reply.


Or, it used to be possible to hire great SEO specialists who would get your site indexed on the first few pages of Google. I’m not sure if this is still doable or not.

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This is the answer you’ve been looking for. There is no easy way to build a fan or customer base. There is no such thing as instant, quality results. You’re going to have to work long, and hard to obtain success for your website.


If it was this easy, why would the traffic seller not just set up a site in your industry himself and send all his traffic there?

Genuine paid traffic can get results when done well with a good site - things like pop-up or pop-under ad services do work for some industries but not others. To force people to buy services on a website is impossible, no seller can guarantee sales even with Adwords, SEO or anything else; just like a door-to-door salesman cannot be sure he will sell his products even when the customer is standing in front of him.
As long as you don’t have Adsense on the site, a boost of bot traffic should not have any major effect. If you do have Adsense and you earned from these bots then it is likely Google will spot it and perhaps warn or ban you from their service.


Thank you Eoin! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Guys, Is there any way to stop these visits? I will gladly pay a gig for this. I just want to see my regular trafic coming through. I am also starting to see a lower rank in goole searches.

No idea I’m afraid. Could you put your website into maintenance mode until it all stops?

Drastic I know, but I don’t know what else to suggest I’m afraid.

You should block Google from indexing your site with this going on so it doesn’t get banned. Use your metatags (“nofollow”) to do this. Your site is in danger of being banned. Wait a month to let it calm down, the you can again let Google index it.

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The only way this traffic could really have a negative effect on rankings is through User Behavior being assessed and seen as a bad user experience - as “people” are leaving the site immediately, it tells Google that the site is not interesting. This is unlikely though as a) it has been such a short space of time and b) these visitors have not come through organic search so the User Behavior and bad user experience is not associated with any particular keywords. How long was this gig supposed to run?

Why not ask that person directly or create a dispute through Resolution center??
If you don’t know where it is; you can check it under Buying and Completed Order section.

You may add a detailed description of the issue and what you want and this way I am sure the Buyer would be enforced to either remove those bots or may be even refund you.

I thought google could tell when it was bots visiting a site and see when it was suspicious.

Yes, but it is not actually a problem with Google to use bot traffic unless the site has Adsense ads or it is being used to otherwise mislead/manipulate ads or search results.

Well in this case it was hopefully being used to manipulate search results. That’s probably why it was moved back. Hits that happen rapidly from bots as with an attempt to manipulate the search results would be suspicious. I’ve heard they remove sites that do this.