[NEW FIVERR Contest] Run the chance to win a free gig!



The intro:

I’m new to Fiverr and I’d like to get to know the community a little bit better. So let’s play a game.

The Game:

I will choose a winner for each one of my gigs out of the first 50 posters in this topic.

The fine print:

Only one post entries will count, so no spamming. I’ll use some legit randomizer to pick the winners. The rules of each gig (number of corrections, etc.) apply to these free gigs as well. It’s all for fun and I’d like to do this again :stuck_out_tongue:

The outro:

If you like this idea, let me know by posting and running the chance of winning the contest yourself. Collect and share my gig with friends who may be interested in these kinds of services.

Thanks for looking and Good luck!

The Gigs:








Hello daicious, Fiverr can be a little hard starting out and it may take longer to get the orders that you want, it all depends on what you’re gig is. The better the gig the more orders you will receive, then again many new gig’s go unseen until people notice the gig. I like you’re gig and you’re contest and I have collected you’re gig’s, free feel to collect my gig’s. I hope I win you’re contest as I love to win free gig’s, and I’m also offering 5 free gig’s please take a look.