New Fiverr Feature? Boost Our Gig By Advertising


I was looking for a gig to create a caricature for my friend. I found something new. there is Ad icon in some gigs on the top page [see the attachment ].

I guess its new features for sellers. by this feature, sellers can Bring their Gig in 1st page of gig catalog by paying some extra $$
I didn’t see this on my category gigs (Wordpress) . No wonder so soon all category sellers can use this feature.
There are few sellers few sellers are there who have quite good skill but their gigs are not in good position in search. They can utilise new add feature to catch Byers attention. I like this feature :slight_smile: I’m excited to use it. Fiverr is the smartest marketplace on the globe.


I could be used by new sellers too. Even a few sales can set the ball rolling on Fiverr. Of course I do wish there is some curation of what gigs appear there.


Good Point of View :slight_smile: TRS don’t need to boost up :wink: They already have priority of gig visibility in search. Anyway I think it’s an opportunity for sellers whos’s Gig conditions are not good in search result.