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New Fiverr Feature - Early Payout

Anybody having the new feature to withdraw money quickly from the earnings page?

Something like an Early Payout button?


This thread has more info, if you want.


Thank you. I just saw your post

No, I didn’t get this option yet.

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No, I also don’t get this option yet. How to get it? Can anyone tell me, please/

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It’s still in the Beta version and only few sellers have got it. It will roll out to everyone very soon.


It’s in early stage I think so only some sellers can see it. For early withdraw they will charge additional 1% commission. Means if you want to withdraw payout of $80 it will charge $0.80 & you will receive $79.20.


I saw the option a a few days ago, but it still not work for me, when I click on it, nothing happens, hope it will work soon then I’ll share my experience

did not get it yet! Hopfully It will be one of the best features!

how i can get this option

It’s only available for few sellers. It will roll out to others soon

It’s only for top seller as far as I know.

No. It’s available for some of the level 2 people as well

i am level 2 and i have this option, fiverr should mention the fee for transaction in the tooltip rather than telling us only what it is

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This is cool! I got this feature lately!

please guide me
why i am not getting that “Early payout option”

I just used it and it’s working fine on my side. It’s really an awesome feature. Fiverr will charge 1% of every transaction. :slight_smile:

I think this offer is not for new and level 1 sellers.

It is available to both TRS and L2 sellers.

I am level 2. Yet I have this option.