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New Fiverr Gig on eassy writing

Hi! Everyone
I have new gig on eassy writing topic any one can help to get buyers and reviews.
Really appreciating your kind help.


Academic writing is not allowed on Fiverr since violates Terms of Service. Make sure you read all before offering a service that is not allowed.

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Sir in my area my many friends are doing this job and they earn lot of moeny

First, I am not Sir.

Also, good for them, however academic services violates Fiverr’s Terms of Services

Please read this.

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The tired old trope of, “If your friends jump off a bridge, should you as well” might appropriately be invoked here.

Good luck on your time on Fiverr. It might end sooner than you think…

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So please give me the suggestion what i can do?

And im also a graphic designer

How could I possibly answer that?

I do not know what you are good at. I do not know what you are skilled in. I do not know what you are interested in offering, I do not know what you are capable of doing. I do not know if there is demand for the potential service you want to offer.

Those are all questions that you must answer in regards to the type of service you want to provide. The main point being made in this thread is, the service cannot violate the terms and conditions of Fiverr or you will be banned from the platform permanently.