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New Fiverr Graphic Arts Designer

Hello Fiverr Community!

My name is Justin and I am an experienced Graphic Designer. I just currently joined this community a day ago because I needed a part time job that I really enjoy. In my gig I will design an astonishing logo in less than 5 hours and will insure that the logo will satisfy my customers. I am having trouble getting any buyers so please visit my gig if you are interested!

Here’s the link:

Heres a little bit about myself.
I have shown interest in the field of art ever since I was 5 years old. I attended LaGuardia High School of Art and Rhode Island School of Art and Design. I still show passion in art today and is willing to share my artworks to others with this website! You can learn more about me by checking out my profile. For just 5$, I will design a custom logo for you in less than 5 hours.

Hope you are interested in my gig!

Thank you!