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New Fiverr Level Feature and How it has Affected ME


Been on fiverr since 2014… Got married, built my own house and started living the laptop lifestyle from my fiverr earnings.

Then 2 months ago fiverr bought the “Available Now Feature” and I was not able to use that because some buyers (up to 8) placed orders since 2015 and never added their requests, so the orders were pending for over 1 year.

I messaged Fiverr CS and was told that I have to cancel the orders myself if I want them to go away so that I can start using the “Available Now” feature.

After a lot of argument with the fiverr CS, I was assured that the cancellations will not affect my business as there are GOOD and BAD cancellations.

But all hell broke lose as I cancelled and my Orders completed dropped from 100% to 72% because of these useless orders that I have absolutely no power over!

Now the only RED line I have on my account is that BLASTED “Order Completed” as it is on 79% and it has even affected my placement on the site as sales have dropped badly because of this issue!

And from the look of things, they have this RED exclamation mark saying my account is in a BAD SHAPE!

It’s very SAD that we should have such experience here on fiverr after years of dedicating one’s energy and expertise into serving the site, the community and building a great life here!

Fiverr CS should always be able to solve sellers problems when the need arises and stop saying they “CAN’T DO ANYTHING” just to make the seller sad and depressed!

I write this with pain in my heart… and I hope one of the CS guys will see and read this.

So Painful… I need a positive action to be taken to rectify this… I’ve already qualified to be assessed for TRS since last year… Now this little issue is threatening my LEVEL 2 badge!

So disheartening!


The completed percentage is updated on a rolling 60 day basis.

The changes to the levels aren’t happening until 15th January, therefore any existing cancellations on your profile will have gone by that time, so not a problem assuming you don’t get any further cancellations in the meantime.


I’ve heard of this happening to other sellers. Customer support should not tell sellers that cancelling old orders that never started won’t hurt them.

I’m so sorry this happened to you!


I’m sorry to say this but this might actually be a good way to test a few things. First, the exact same thing happened to me last year. I asked if canceling non-starting orders would have an effect and CS said no. But they did!

Now, here’s the thing. Cancelled orders kill sales, especially if you have a lot happen suddenly like this. Moreover, what I have noticed is that fewer sales lead to thigs like orders completed and delivered on time rates dropping further because there are fewer delivered orders overall over a 60-day period.

Are you noticing this? Is your orders completed rate continuing to drop despite no further cancelations?


Thanks so much for the reassurance. I had a very elaborate chat with the CS 2 days ago. they were not able to give me such good reassurance.
Thanks once again, I really appreciate your comment. :slight_smile:


No problem - good luck! :sunny:


It’s so painful… and you can imagine when I recently discovered that you can now make an order start counting from the sellers side. If that option had been available before the event happened 2 months ago. All this wouldn’t have been an issue at all.
Thanks for the care and input.
I appreciate you @misscrystal


You understand what my issue is completely!
When the orders were cancelled… everything went down-hill and now the account is affected more than normal…because cancelling 8 orders within 24 hours is a disaster!
I just don’t know what the CS was thinking when she told me nothing will happen!


Yes this is a huge help to end these never starting orders.

Unfortunately for me I have a great many orders going back to 2012 that never started so Available Now will never be available to me.


I think it was better if you would have cancelled only 2-3 order and waited for 60 days :slight_smile: and then cancelled more because you waited 1 year so better was if you would have done this because 3 orders would have allowed your Active Now and wouldn’t have affected. BTW work hard and you will surely come up strong


I have at least 40 old orders that never started.


Just go to those orders and click them to start.then deliver all the orders and get your money instantly! :slight_smile:

Mod Note: This is bad advice. Not only is it unethical customer service, the way you have said it, you seem to be suggesting that people falsely deliver orders which is against ToS and will get you banned.


I told the CS everything before she told me to cancel all the 8 orders at once! it’s done now… any advice won’t work anymore. Thanks bro


You’re in money already! :slight_smile:



This is a terrible suggestion.


you can’t do that. How are you going to deliver orders with no order details. The only way to do that would be to deliver empty orders and that is against the TOS. The only thing you will get instantly doing that is to get banned.


Really, very sad to hear that☆


This actually happened to me as well but fortunately, instead of getting all the unstarted orders canceled at once, I got 2-3 orders canceled each month. This way now I only have one order left out of eleven which were never started by different clients.
But overall this is wrong. We sellers should not be the one to suffer due to a client’s negligence in starting the order. This should be fixed and the customer support needs to stop telling the sellers that there is some kind of good cancellation which will not affect their cancellation rate They did this to me as well and it is not correct.


Available Now -NEVER for me.


The orders have been there for 2 years and buyers have disappeared, right? okay, you want to cancel the orders and get your business nullified?