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New Fiverr Logo!

Hello good people!

I just loved the new logo of Fiverr! What about you guys?


Like the old one more.

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Meh, the previous one was better.

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Old Logo is better @chondona_editor

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old logo is better for me

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I like the new logo more. I dislike the new font they’ve chose for the website, though. Especially the numbers.

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I like the new logo, it looks cleaner, more professional. I think the new font is easier to read than the previous one, also.


I really liked the dot part.

for me it symbolize that Fiverr is always online to get the work done.

Green dot it used by a lot of sites for the same purpose


I really dislike the new font, is very sharp and makes everything to appear more crowded.

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Letters are too close to each other, especially rr part . I don’t like the green dot,. It looks a bit meaningless to me

super neutral on the logo tbh however HATE the new website font lol.

I like the question mark on the left :smiley:

I can see only 2 lines on my side. There is no question mark.
Maybe they are updating the logo on forum as well

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I also love the new logo for this reason. Always online :+1:

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Same here…I dislike it too

Especially loved the green dot :heart:

I quite like the direction they’re going in. The new logo looks minimal and neat, I’m glad they’ve taken off the green circle (while it was nice, I’m liking this new vibe)!

I honestly love the old look…lol