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New Fiverr Looking For Feedback

Hello all!
I am new to using this platform and looking for input on how to succeed! Feedback would be appreciated! Thank you!


Howdy Keiserc

You made a Goth look alive! That’s gotta be a fail right there LOL

Maybe a few more images will help.

When the higher Gig option says Hi Rez, it makes me wonder what the base version will deliver. Seeing I do wonder, it may be better to specify 96dpi or whatever you use for that.

Best of luck :slight_smile:


Haha edit was per the clients request but thank you for the feedback. I was helpful!

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Hi there! Good luck with your gig!

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That sounds like Gary Numan records in Oz where they used to color his pancake-white face to make him look tanned so he didn’t scare the surfers so much - like they were buying Numan records anyway.