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New fiverr member about gigs

I have been trying to get my first order since three weeks but couldn’t succeed.Below is my gig url if anyone can give me any suggestion, it will be highly regarded:


Welcome to Fiverr Community :slight_smile:


Thanks for contributing!

Welcome to fiverr sir!

Welcome! Read and learn. Lots of great resources and experience here.

Everybody welcomed him but nobody answered his questions.

Hello Munim,

Hope you are great, I review your gig URL.

Here are some suggestions for you:

  1. Think from the clients side. If you are a client then will you order your own gigs? I think the answer will be NO. Because of your video thumbnail doesn’t describe your service properly. try to add attractive video thumbnail.

  2. You didn’t complete your gigs description properly. Please mention all of the services you will provide at your gig description.

  3. Research other gigs who already doing great to provide similar services like yours and then make a new gig.

I am not expert but hopefully it will help you a bit.

Thank you.

Thank you for the input.Hopefully it will prove beneficial for me

Thank you Maam! for the greeting

Congrats for joining us! Welcome to the forum! Here, you can share experience to encourage others and ask some questions, just make sure they have not been asked and answered before. :wink:

Here are some tips I recommend:

For better proposals:

If you tried to apply for buyer requests and never got a single order from there, this is the topic you need to visit: