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New Fiverr member :-) and want to say "hi" to you all



I am a brand new arrived Fiverr member since 4 days and still reading, searching, clicking, … and trying to find out how everything works :slight_smile:

A little info about me…
I worked as a teacher for years and was blogging and doing small freelance jobs in my free time.
Then I started a webshop and at the same time started to take courses and workshops to get better in blogging, WordPress, social media, internet marketing, emailmarketing, affiliate, simple designing, …
A half year ago I decided that I would prefer to work more location independent. So stopping the webshop… and starting to work as a (online) freelancer. And also putting more effort in my blog to be able to have more income from that.

I hope to have a good time here on Fiverr… to find lots of nice freelance jobs to do… to help out a lot of buyers with their requests… and to help other sellers with advice where I can.

Now back to the reading and discovering… :smile:


Hi there and welcome to the forum! Yeah, there’s an awful lot to read when you start, but the longer you’re here, the faster you can skim and filter what’s worth a read and what not. :tea:


Welcome to the Fiverr Forum @anbaco :slight_smile:


:dizzy: Wooow :slight_smile: today on day 5 (I think) since I created my first gig here on Fiverr… I’ve got my first order! :dizzy:

So time for a little first celebration :slight_smile: :champagne:


Welcome to the fiverr family. Hope you will do better.
Best wishes for you.


Hi, welcome to fiverr. Wishing you good luck ahead.


Welcome aboard. Just work hard and things will eventually work for you for better.


Congratulations :tada:
Way to go champ







Awesome! Welcome to the family, wishing you an awesome freelance journey here on fiverr!


welcome to fiverr family.Enjoy working here.


Hey, welcome to the fiverr family…


Welcome to fiverr. Enjoy your journey


Almost 3 months later now… and I’ve done 6 orders so far :slight_smile: (though I was offline in november)

n° 7 is also started yet, but will be completed in the new year.

Hoping that 2019 will continue to bring orders regularly and satisfied buyers that give good reviews… and place new orders as well :slight_smile:


Welcome to Fiverr family…


Welcome to fiverr and happy new year


Welcome to the forum. All the best