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New Fiverr...No Gigs

New on fiver and I’m beginning to wonder if I missed something while creating my gigs. I only have a few clicks, and no gigs yet. Would anyone mind taking a peak to see if I’ve missed something, or could improve something?

Thank you!


Your portfolio compared to others in the same field have very noticeable differences. I’m not saying that your current work displayed are bad, but there are others who have more impressive designs. I would showcase your absolute best work to get potential clients to contact you. It’s a tough hill to climb considering your field, but it can work. You have to be creative in order to stand out. A professionally made gig video can definitely help, which seems to be overlooked more often then not. As I’ve told many, I’ve only been on Fiverr for a little over a year, and I’ve generated 1400 sales due to showcasing my services in a professional video. It would’ve not been possible otherwise. Clients are spectators before buyers. Good luck.

Nice tips thank you tenthtiermedia i…am also…