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New fiverr person over here!

Hello everyone,

I opened my account few months ago but just started researching about gigs how to’s… It looks like there is a lot of potential here on Fiverr!
What are your experiences??

I would love to hear about your beginnings…

Peace and love beautiful people <3


Hello Jelena,
welcome to fiverr. Yes the first three months are always searching and trying how to improve gigs. November was a hard month for me. I hope December will be the best month for us here in Fiverr, let end this year on the best way possible.


I plan to post my first gig this week. Already did some research and read tips and tricks. Hopefully I will get some customers, and hopefully December will be a good month for everyone! If not, there’s always 2020.



best of luck to you dear


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

use keywords for your Gigs to imporve your Gig ranks

There’s also a free course on learn from Fiverr that gives you summary of basic to do’s on profile, gigs, and customer relation.

Welcome to Fiverr forum jelenacho! Stay positive :smiley:

Welcome! I started back on Fiverr a while ago, got out of it and now back in as a voice actor and love every bit of it! Glad you can join

same goes here. i’m also a new member i joined last November. Till i didn’t create any gig here cause i’m doing some research on it. anyway welcome and have a great Christmas ahead. :slight_smile: