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NEW Fiverr pro male SINGER and musician! Initial success story inside


Hi Fiverr Forum!

My name is Dan Simpson. I am a new Fiverr Singer/Musician and I got off to a GREAT start.

I posted my gig to sing anything like Johnny Cash and gig impressions/views/clicks EXPLODED (150k impressions?!?!) once I posted my video. I had several orders (almost $100) in the next 2 days including a large project which caused me to go on “Vacation Mode” after just a few days of my gig being published. Immediately the impressions/views/clicks plummeted. Understandably, my gig was off-the-air, as it were.

Now that my large-project work is done, I am BACK from vacation mode, however, I’m not seeing the types of action I saw before. I am hoping to get good spots in the Fiverr listings, so any help is appreciated.

Here are the gigs I currently have available:

• sing as Johnny Cash on your song (most popular gig so far)

• sing PRO vocals on your Hook Chorus or Verse

• sing a Johnny Cash parody song with CUSTOM lyrics

• play Ukulele OR Whistle on your song

• sing anything like Frank Sinatra

• sing PRO male backup harmony on your song

• professionally Record an AMERICAN Male Voice Over

Are there gigs I should do INSTEAD that will generate more business? I’ll spell shit with rocks and sand, too, if I can get paid, but I’d rather do music.

Feel free to ask any questions about my gigs, give critical feedback, or BUY MY GIGS! :slight_smile:

Peace, now.