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New Fiverr Profiles

I noticed Fiverr is laying out some new profiles, with an added skills, certification, linked accounts, etc.

I like the idea, but I wish they would add an "About Me’ section with more characters so you can explain a bit more about yourself and what you do.

What do you guys think of the new layout?

The about me section is fine, most people don’t want to read your entire life story, they just want a small taste.

The problem is that people who don’t know how to write sometimes write too much or too little. That’s OK, they can hire writers to summarize their experiences.

The new layout appeared about a month ago, and I was still considering what to write, when… suddenly it disappeared. A few days ago it reappeared, and I don’t want to write anything until I see that it’s permanent. The reason is, you have to constantly rewrite you profile desc so that you’re not repeating yourself - u know what i mean?

No need for a bigger “about me” section.

I like how they now allow for specific skills, but the certification part needs some sort of verification.

Otherwise we’re going to see a lot of sellers with credentials from Adobe and whatnot.

Looks like Fiverr is trying to help people that are professionals in their field, which is fine by me.

I’m not going to list my education and certifications as that has no bearing on my gigs whatsoever and it’s personal.

Exactly right . thanks

For me the previous layout was much better then this where my gig and reviews are more visible…the only thing i like in this one is the top bar with the name and ratings that remain static…

Exactly what I thought!

Not just for that, I get a ton of readings sometimes so my delivery rate might be slower. Things like that to put on your profile for a little update to people, etc.

I think those new features should be customised by category wised.

I agree…i also like the previous one…

its perfect according to most, also you have linked your other stuff and mostly buyers are seasonal they just one buy and Go away.
so really no need for this :slight_smile:

I am confused about something -
Fiverr wrote:
"Your profile now lets you add info such as:
Social verifications: Link directly to Facebook, Twitter and your other online presence”

But in the TOS, making outside contact is not allowed.
So by adding a link to my fb / blog, etc, isn’t this an invitation to make contact outside of fiverr??

What are the benefits for linking facebook, linkedin etc