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New Fiverr Sales Analytics pop-up?

Did anyone else get this pop-up window today?

fiverr analytics popup

I got it like 10 times already, but nothing seems to be updated when I visit those pages or when I watch the embedded video.


Pretty much it’s a new feature in testing for top rated sellers and pro sellers. So most of us won’t see it. I for one didn’t see anything like this.

But nothing is changed.

There is nothing new to see.

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I assume it’s still in-development. I do agree it’s strange, why send a personalized message with a feature that’s not working properly yet? Well, I assume you will see changes in the next few days and if you do, let me/us know, I assume I am not the only one curious about anything new coming to Fiverr.


I’ll update this thread if anything comes up.

I’ll probably clear cookies/cache in case something is new but I need to log in again.

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I did get it maybe two hours ago or something? I thought it was a bug to be honest since nothing has changed! (I’m a level 2 seller only and really far from TRS).


Seems like they may be preparing to launch a feature but prematurely pulled the trigger on the notification?

The strangest part is that the video was really old.

That would explain why I have odd number for earnings in my analytics page. None of the numbers match each other or real $ earned.


I got it too, +one more message. I feel like it’s just a flash back from past :smiley: It don’t seems to be anything new. Some how old pop up was trigged again.


Yes it does look like that time 4 years back when the current sales analytics was launched.

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I wake up with 7 new messages, like my old Fiverr days :smiley: I welcome the past pop ups!!

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Funny you should mention that, but I noticed a weird thing happening this past week:

my old template-based gigs are starting to generate sales, just like the good ol’ days.

Meaning I wake up to sales I didn’t have to close.

Let’s see how this goes.