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New fiverr search algorithm


Hey there is anyone facing the issue of gigs placement? Like my gig was ranked on the first row of the first page and now there are just random gigs with low ratings on top of the first page while all my gigs have moved to the last page 3/3, just wanted to know if is there any tests running and if someone who has experienced this issue, what’s the ETA to finish the tests and get to a result. Thanks!!

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Just because your ranking changed that doesn’t mean the algorithm did. Algorithms are usually dynamic and therefore the results can change and there are loads of factors besides your ratings – even in spite of them. Settings are typically built into algorithms to make certain changes based on certain conditions. In this case, they’re probably new sellers.

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How come that over a night all my gigs turned to be at the last page? and people with 5 reviews are on top of the line? also a lot of people are complaining about this, yet more there was a post from another guy that got a reply from CS saying they were running some tests ?


That’s impossible for someone in the forum to know because Fiverr doesn’t make the exact details of their algorithm public, plus you couldn’t know how the other users would measure up to those details and then you’d have to do the math to determine who would rank where. It’s very complex and mathematical and involves information no one here can access.

It wouldn’t at all surprise me if tests are the reason. Like anything in marketing and sales, you have to test things in order to evaluate their impact on your revenue.

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Hi there. Same problem here. I could say the last month i have noticed that. I have no idea why this happens