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New Fiverr Seller and look forward to the future


Hey Everyone,

I recently discovered and joined the fiverr community and at first I was concerned about devaluing my services but was enticed by the opportunity to become a Level 1 seller. I am very close to reaching this goal and I am excited about offering people more options and services under my gig. Although prices will still be lower than industry standard, hopefully the turnover will make up for it.

For those of you who have reached the level 1 seller or higher, how has your experience on the site changed? I’d love to hear about the more seasoned fiverrers and your stories!


Welcome to the community, your gonna get hooked on selling on Fiverr !

Bye for now

Wayne Austin :-h


@usvoiceovermale Welcome. I don’t think you will devalue your services, as long as the service you offer on fiverr is designed for fiverr buyers and remains exclusively fiverr. Don’t give away the ranch! :slight_smile:


Awesome responses guys. I look forward to focusing on Fiverr as one of my main income streams and of course providing appropriate work for appropriate prices. @madmoo thanks for the details. This really helps me figure out how valuable of a resource fiverr can be in our line of work!


Welcome, man!

As for thinking you might devalue your service, it is a matter of achieving a balance on what you think is worth your time and what your buyers think if it is worth $5 :slight_smile: