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New Fiverr Seller Check Out My Gigs and Advice

Hi everyone. I’m New Fiverr Seller. Please Check Out My Gigs and Advice.


Your gigs look pretty good to me but I have no idea what a citation is.

One thing I would say is that you seem expensive for a new seller. I did a quick search and I found a level 2 seller with nearly 2,000 reviews offering 350 Google Maps citations for $5. You just say you are offering high authority business citations in your standard and premium packages but not saying where from.

Your bio is well written but it’s odd that you are starting every word with a capital letter.

Maybe add in your education or how you learned your skills. Did you work for a big company for example?

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Welcome to the forum btw. I usually forget this part!

Thanks @siobhan_ellis for your kind advice & I’ll work on my bio area.

Regarding Pricing
first of all, 350 citations creation take around 35-40 hours of manual hard labour. I don’t know how they, but I can’t sell my 40 hours for only $5. what do you think?

2nd, I use premium tools to get citations opportunity. I just not build citations on random sites for my clients.


Yes I hear you.

Even at £20 for 35-40 hours work is bad. It’s way below minimum wage here in the UK. I’m the same though. Generally I’m putting in a lot more hours than what I should be for the low prices I charge. For me it’s a hobby I enjoy. It’s nice to earn some money since I can’t go back to work (childcare is too expensive for twins).

How do the other sellers do it? Is there a way you could automate your processes for a particular site or something?

@siobhan_ellis, yes this can be automated but I offer manual service here. Because so far I know @fiverr buyers in my industry prefer manual submission.

Maybe highlight that you do it that way to highlight the value of your work and the care you take in your work.