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New Fiverr Seller Looking to Improve

Hi! I’m Shantelle!

I literally just started my account, and I’ve been checking out the forums and seeing how many new people upset that they aren’t getting gigs (even after being active for over a month). Is that a common occurrence? I wanted to be able to improve my writing ability on here, but was also hoping for a little bit of side income to help me have the chance to save money. (I work fulltime, but all of my money goes to bills).

Any good tips to help me get started? Thanks for reading, friends!

Those sellers you noted, more often than not, seem to expect Fiverr to be a get-rich-quick website. Fiverr is no such thing. In most cases, those new sellers complaining about not getting any sales, aren’t doing what they need to do to earn their sales. They just expect them to appear as if by magic. That is not how real world business works, and it isn’t how things work here either.

Sellers are freelance business people. The sellers that succeed here, are the sellers willing to treat their gigs like a business, and not expect things for free or with little to no hard work.


Hello Shantelle,

Welcome to Fiverr and the forum! :slight_smile:

Please feel free to browse through the articles in the seller help center as well as the forum! They have a lot of articles/posts specifically curated to serve the needs of new sellers who are just venturing out into the Fiverr-verse. :slight_smile:

Here’s one such forum article I found very helpful and informative when I started out on Fiverr:

I hope that it helps you, too. :smile:

Also, please make sure that you’ve carefully read through Fiverr’s Terms of Service as not doing so can inadvertently get your account in trouble with Fiverr staff.

Happy selling! :slight_smile: