New fiverr servicer


i am new fiverr .i am transcriptionist…hope it will give me a chance to give serivce you and help me how can i atterect buyer to sell my services?


Hi there!

I’ve moved your post into ‘Improve My Gig’ so others can help.

I had a look at your gig - I really think you should spend some time on the description and profile - it really will help. Just get the basics right - capital letter at the beginning of a sentence, good use of punctuation, correct spelling etc.

These are features that buyers of your gigs will be looking for, so it’s important to get them right.

Good luck! :sunny:


What Type Service You Will Give?


transcription audio track convert in document
it is a link og my gig.can you tell me what is missing here?


Description And Title Must Be Small Added Some Quality FAQ


YeAH You ri8.thankx :relaxed:


Dan you tell me what is the best title name for this gig.then i will change its title.


According to your gig description.

“A transcriber is someone who writes down what someone else is saying.”

:one: Tip “proofreading” is essential. If I hired you I would expect a flawless transcribed document, free of spelling/grammar errors.