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New Fiverr to-do list problem [ARCHIVED OLDER THREAD]

Heads up Sellers. I have been working off the new fiverr, and have been LOVING the new “to-do” list. Except for a HUGE problem that happened last night just as I was about to leave to catch my train home.

Since getting access to the new fiverr I work right from the “to-do” list. It was a good thing I actually checked my “sales” box last night because I had an order that was due in less than an hour that had NEVER reached my to-do list. DO NOT just rely on the to-do list until all the testing has been done. Check everything.


Look at you rockstars. You’re on it. Figured I should give people a heads up. Lol, one lucky guy just got a WHOLE lot of extra’s cause I didn’t see his project :slight_smile:

Hey Kiff.

Sure as things are still happening in the background it’s a good thing to check and double check everything, until it goes public.



It’s very good of you to remind sellers of this problem.

I noticed it when I did the test.

I have over 60 orders needs to deliver, but there’s only 17 to do.

Hope this will be sorted soon. :slight_smile:

Yes, I found that out quickly too. Unfortunately, I’m also unable to get to my inbox or anything else in the dropdown menu from my phone, and I use my inbox A LOT, so I’m still working off the old site so I can access everything… I sent in a couple tickets for that- for it to be fixed so we can use it with mobile devices. We’ll see!

My to do list is not showing some of my orders and the user names are wrong for all of the entries. Hope it gets fixed soon!

This issue you are having is probably unrelated to the thread so you need to submit a ticket to CS. This thread is regarding an issue from long ago when the mentioned feature was new.

Unfortunately the forum is being re-populated at this time so not all threads are in order and the year does not display for me yet. Good luck!