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New Fiverr Update 2020

Hello guys,

So, I just got back on Fiverr today and was welcomed with an ‘update’ notification. All good, I obliged and since the update, I haven’t been able to access other parts of my app like the dashboard, buyers request, and co.

I can’t make any sense of this. Please, anyone have the same problem? Here’s a screenshot;

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Hi @jay_iji,

I’m having the same problem. :cry:

Kindly, if you don’t mind, are you trying to upgrade your app for Android or Apple?



And I’ve tried to reinstall as well, still same. It’s so annoying.


Me too.

Either we buy a new iPhone, or we live without the app. :grimacing:


Are you on v2.72.3(1)?

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Hi Frank,

Mine is iPhone 5 and the app can’t be upgraded. Fiverr’s app upgrade was made for iOS 11 compatible. So, at least, iPhone 5S must be used. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Oh I see. So the app stopped functioning on iPhones older than 5s?

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Sadly, that’s it. :pensive:


I am also having the same problem. I have a Samsung Duos phone. The upgraded app is not compatible with my phone. This is a big problem. :disappointed_relieved: :cry:


My Android app stopped working last year and I couldn’t upgrade it because the upgrade wasn’t compatible with my phone. So, for me, two out of two… :cry:

no everything is going better as past


Same here… .app not working for me as well… Android version


Fiverr android app is working fine here.

This is so sad; mine is an iPhone6s and maybe it’s truly time for an upgrade!:weary:

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Have you tried updating the iOS? Your phone is newer than mine and, supposedly, it should support the new app.

It seems to be working fine on my 2 iPhones.

Smooth as silk on the 11

Still seems to work ok on the 6 Plus too

Maybe Fiverr will buy all the great sellers a compatible phone with their updated app, to show support :wink:

i have iphone 6plus there is no any change everything is normal thank GOD :blush: :blush: