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New fiverr update bad for me

new update really bad for me. i have no orders after new update. new update really bad :sob:

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I don’t understand. Why is it bad?

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Which update or updates in particular are you referring to. And why and how is the update (are the updates) bad for you ?
Infact, you should have mentioned which new update you feel is bad for you and why you feel it is bad for you.
Why ? Because you may “feel” it is bad for you. But if you clearly mention the update(s) and why you feel it is bad for you, then and only then you could get some effective enlightenment from people who read your post.
There are instances where I “felt” something is bad for me. When I mentioned what exactly it is and why I feel it is bad for me, a few people enlightened me and I realized that what I felt bad for me, was infact good for me. Sometimes we all do not understand something the right way all the time. But, if we share complete information about it, that motivates people to enlighten us and makes it much easier for us to understand it better.
So, kindly mention which new update you are referring to and why you feel it is bad for you.


Sorry, cannot agree :slight_smile:
You need to update your gig to improve your sell :slight_smile:
Search “upyour” on forum. You will find some useful discussions. Read, analyze & follow them.


i have no orders after update

thank you for feedback:grinning:

ok sir thank you:grinning:

What’s the new update? :thinking:

Same to you bro … i have no order after new update and new [Switch to Selling/ Buying] it;s really very difficult not easy to use.

There is no point in replying to old posts. Best just to find a post which discusses your current problem and join the discussion there or create a new topic of your own.

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yes thank you already i create a new topic , sorry it’s my mistake

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