New fiverr user


Hey , i am new at fiverr i made a gig that i teach/make 2d games and i was wondering on how do i make more people to see that ? because so far it has 6 views 4 clicks and nobody tried it and i want to gets tips in any possible way.


You have to promote your gigs.
There are many ways of promoting gigs like.

buying ads
banner ads


I have no idea on how to do that i can deliver what my gig is but i have no idea what a Seo,backlinks e.t.c. are


Have you never done product marketing before?


No i know what you mean by that but i’ve never done that.


If you can not bring traffic to your gigs.

That means you only rely on traffic sources from fiverr


I understand that but what do you suggest exactly ? because telling me to do Seo buying ads banner ads and backlinks is like telling to a newborn bird go and fly.


So you can just go to facebook.
And promote your gigs there.

That is one easy choice for beginners


But how exactly, like what did you do?


I do a lot of marketing techniques.
Which I’m sure you do not understand.

Because I’m 9 years old in seo


Is there any possible without spending money ? because i’ve never used fiverr and i am not really trusting it till i see any kind of revenue.


You can promote your gigs to facebook groups


I’ve never seen anyone posting in facebook groups about gigs and fiverr is there like specific places ?


It’s usually possible to become successful on Fiverr without spending a cent. If you do your market research and create a beautiful gig, with great pictures, a great description, etc, you’ll probably get orders, eventually.

However, if you do your own marketing, you’ll probably find success much more quickly.

Free marketing methods include creating a blog, connecting with people on LinkedIn, networking on Facebook and Twitter, forum signature links.

Backlinks_index has mentioned some methods which often tend to cost a little money, which some forum users have had a lot of success with.


Hmm i made a post on this forum right now about the gig and i’ll probably share it in some forums.


The key is to present your product well and put it in front of potential buyers.

Naturally, there are potential buyers on Fiverr who will eventually see your gig. But there are also potential buyers off-site. The aim is to find these.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you where you can find these. I don’t know anything about 2D gaming.

Try to create a profile of your typical buyer. Try to envision what sites this buyer visits, where he or she hangs out and where he or she does business. This should give you an idea as to where to market your gig.


Thanks a lot for the tips i’ll try my best although i am not sure where to post a fiverr link for 2D games.