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New Fiverr Video Scam to Watch Out For!

Are you a buyer looking for a super cheap explainer or promo video? If so, watch out for sellers using sped up videos in their gig description.


This is a screen grab of a sellers gig and the overlay text has been added by the seller, not me.

As for why some sellers make videos play faster than they should, this is a trick used on Youtube and elsewhere to sidestep algorithms designed to detect copyright infringement. This means that you will (likely) not have the right to use a delivered video yourself on places like Youtube. Worse, if you get found out for using such a video, you may be liable for copyright infringement yourself.

How to Spot a Dodgy Video Seller:

  • Gig videos may run at double speed. (Making you feel like you are watching a slightly fast-forwarded video)
  • Text and graphics overlays will not fit visually with the rest of the video. (As is the case above)
  • Videos used in sellers gigs are similar (if not identical) to videos being offered by several other sellers
  • Gigs are often priced very low, despite appearing very professional

The main thing to remember is that not all scammers and copyright violators on Fiverr are stupid enough to tell people that their videos have been sped up and had logos removed. This being the case when making a purchase remember to be vigilant. - If you’re not, it could end up costing you a small fortune.:money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings:


Wow, so many dirty little tricks.

I’ve learned something new today. Thanks, Cy for bringing this to light. :heart:

I bet they are grumbling under their breath right now. As they should, 'cause the jig is up! :smile:

Edit: Buying explainer videos & such on Fiverr is always a gamble. Sellers are not willing to fork up the :money_with_wings: cash to pay for the individual license usage. It’s a quick and dodgy way to make easy money; while laughing all the way to the bank.

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Ah, the equivalent to the encoding trick for written documents has arrived in the Fiverrverse.

Maybe that seller used the instructional material from a Fiverr scam course.
I guess the speeding-up trick is being worked on countering already, probably won’t last long until it becomes obsolete, respectively people will be caught, or? Man, it’s really getting harder all the time to make sure you buy something legit.

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This is quite informative. But why would somebody do speed up videos like this? What’s the motive behind it?

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Well, I just stumbled across this gig when searching for real estate videos. I used to offer these myself but the market got saturated by 100’s of sellers selling this exact video from Video Hive.

About a week ago I realized that all such gigs had been removed. In this case, today I decided to relist my own video gigs. Then when looking for them in the search, I found this video and several others once again using the same template. In this case, I am assuming that Fiverr has had a clean up at some point, removed a lot of gigs for copyright infringement, and now sellers are attempting to relist the same gigs in a way in which they won’t get flagged.

I think the message ‘sped up for Fiverr and logos removed’ on this gig is not for buyers. I think this is a message to Fiverr directly to say 'I am no longer committing copyright infringement.'

Of course, the seller is committing copyright infringement, however, apparently they have done enough now to satisfy Fiverr’s strict quality control requirements. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately these kinds of sellers are being favored by fiverr nowadays.

With this new algorithm, some of these sellers are being the top of searches, not because they deserve due their amazing service, but because they had luck.

Fiverr is extremely crowded of average, and below average (a kind expression for mediocre gigs, but people don’t like the truth), and these gigs are being favored in some aspects.

I know fiverr cant control all gigs manually, but they could avoid this by using a meritocracy method to rank the gigs at the marketplace. But some sellers think it’s “unfair” to favor only the good ones, instead the bad ones too.


As for why some sellers make videos play faster than they should, this is a trick used on Youtube and elsewhere to sidestep algorithms designed to detect copyright infringement.

So is this to stop an algorithm (eg. by Google) finding the gig info video on Fiverr and identifying it as infringing? Surely the first delivery he delivered, if done at normal speed could then be identified by Google and he could be reported by the buyer(s) of the first deliveries if that’s the case.

Could there be any legitimate reason for him speeding up the video on the gig info video? eg. his standard package is for a 4 minute video. It’s not possible to upload a 4 min gig info video. One way to preview such a video (with all the photos) entirely would be by speeding it up. Though since Fiverr allows up to approx 75 secs for a gig info video and the gig info video is about 53 secs, maybe it’s not sped up just to be able to show the “standard” package video fully (unless the max duration of Fiverr gig info videos has at some point been increased).


The video in question is an exact copy of a template sold by a leading Libyan digital marketing company. I know it very well as I personally reached out to them a year ago to make them aware of how many sellers on Fiverr were selling this video. They were shocked and confirmed to me that all videos were being sold without the correct licencing. They then complained to Envato and had Envato raise a complaint with Fiverr, which resulted in all gigs using this video being removed.

Sadly, a few weeks later, the same sellers began re-uploading and selling the same video. I reached out to the original creator again but they (apparently) could not convince Fiverr to remove these gigs a second time.

Shortly after this, I paused all my own real estate video gigs, as I couldn’t compete with other scammer sellers prices. All this being being the case, no, there is no legitimate reason why this seller in particular has sped up the speed of their gig video. Literally, all they have done is sped it up and removed the Envato logo.

You could say I do my homework :wink: