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New Fiverr Voice Actor (Let's Network)

Hello Fiverr users!

My name is Cole Westwood. I’ve been voice acting for years, but I am new to the Fiverr community. I am seeking to network with experienced users, especially voice actors. I am also looking for my first Fiverr sale and would greatly appreciate any advice to improve my “gig”. Greatly looking forward to working with everyone on here.



Welcome to Fiverr! :slight_smile:

If I was a buyer, I’d like to hear what you sound like before placing an order.
Have you checked other voice actor/over gigs? I’d say 95% of them have a sample video,
I’m sure a video of you talking will help a lot.


Thanks for the reply and welcome, zeus777! It seems the video was/is awaiting moderation. I appreciate the advice and review!

Very best regards,


Ah, so you already have a video ready then? Woops, my apologies.

Being an active member in the forum could also help, you’ll be surprised with the amount of useful information you can get here. There are many experiences voice actors in Fiverrland, I’m sure you are experienced yourself, but as a newbie Fiverrian I’m sure you can learn a lot here. :slight_smile:

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Video is up. Thanks everyone!!