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New format doesn't feature a queue?


Or am I missing it somewhere? If the number of buyers in a queue is no longer being displayed, I’m wondering what other sellers’ opinions are on it are. My queue always stays pretty stacked and I always found it to be very useful when it would get into really high numbers. High number of buyers in my queue would alert other potential buyers that maybe they should look elsewhere, or at least give a reasonable idea on turn around time. Not that I’m wanting to turn sales away, but I do prefer to avoid being overwhelmed so I can gives sales in hand the attention they deserve. I felt having the queue displayed was a helpful tool in the regard.


My queue is gone today. :frowning:


It depends on the browser you use to access your gig. In Explorer there is no queue shown, and the formatting is mostly gone from the description. In Chrome the queue should still show up. Although, I’ve seen it in chrome a couple of times. I have a feeling they’re randomly beta testing the new layout without telling us what’s going on (again).

I like the in-queue feature too, but it’s not really relevant to buyers. All they need to know is when to expect their product (How many people are also expecting a product makes no difference to a deadline).


Reply to @inkpetal: I use Chrome and it’s not showing up.


Reply to @inkpetal: Not seeing it in Safari either.


Reply to @jgelet: Like I said, it seems to be beta test assigning at random. Last week mine didn’t show, this week it came back.


Reply to @inkpetal:

I, for whatever reason, still have the queue. I see it in both firefox and chrome.


Reply to @edwriter: Yeah! It’s so weird. For me they’ve gone from one version to another. If Fiverr are going to keep making changes they could at least be decisive about it.


To be honest I really don’t like the new view of the sellers Gig profile.

Its so messy.


From a buyer’s perspective, I will say I like the queue for the exact reason you mention. It does give you an idea of when to expect your gig to be completed. When you work with a seller you get an idea how long they will actually take to complete your gig (with many sellers giving themselves some ‘fat’ before the official deadline) and if you know they’re busy you can either adjust your expectations or hold off on ordering. Sometimes if I have a large order I will wait a couple of days or at least contact the seller before ordering to make sure they have time for it now.

It also does allow a bit of fairness. If there are sellers offering similar gigs at the same quality at the same time, but one’s already got several orders, then as a buyer I’d rather give my business to the seller with no orders.


I liked the queue a lot and I’m still at early stages where I usually only a few. Even so, I know that some of my repeat clients caught on that if I had little in my queue they would probably get delivery well before the timer ran out, whereas if I had more orders, it was likely to be closer to the deadline. I can see why the queue might not matter to everyone, but I don’t see a good reason for removing it. Sigh…


Reply to @kjblynx: Agreed. All my repeat customers are now asking what my workload is like, new ones aren’t aware I have queued orders. I miss it sooo much. :’(


I don’t get why they would remove this feature. I often had buyers mention the queue, either in asking if I had time to complete a project, or in way that denoted that because I had orders in the queue, I appeared more trustworthy. I never, ever had anyone complain about it or seen a seller who said that they didn’t like it.


Haha My format has just switched again in Chrome today. I’m in pot-luck town. It’s like Playschool, which website window will it be today …the ROOOUND website chipper music


Reply to @emasonwrites: I agree. It gives a buyer such a more complete picture of what to expect when considering to buy. I high number in the queue tells a buyer that a seller is highly in demand to therefore there’s a good chance the quality will be good, and it also clues in a buyer of the kind of time the seller might have to finish an order quickly. I sure hope this is temporary.


Reply to @fonthaunt: Amen.


Trust me everyone will miss it in time.

For when I was I buyer I only order from sellers that had a high order count do to I knew they were that good,Ratings where not that big a deal to me when I went buying as long as they didn’t have to many bad ratings.

But now thats being gone… Ouch we all will miss it down the road big time.


Fiverr - Get It back ON! and make sure it works on all browsers. It definitely affects the buying decision of everyone.


it seems there are two versions of your page which changes at random, at times you see the orders in queue and sometimes you don’t see them.

In my own case i see more of the missing orders in queue version.


The orders in queue show up in the mobile site of Fiverr in Chrome on an Android device. But I’m not sure about iOS or any other devices.